ODI Creative Graphic Design
Communicates Your Purpose & Goals

Every company, school and organization needs graphic design to communicate its purpose, values and goals. ODI Creative, the creative division

of ODI Technologies, Inc., helps your entity translate those ideals

into graphic elements for identity and logo design, print design and web design.

Identity & Logo Development

ODI Creative’s graphic designers craft memorable and eye-catching logos that are essential for unforgettable first impressions and enduring identification. This distinctive mark or icon is the visual foundation of your brand identity.

Website Design

We build unique and professional websites that exemplify your brand identity and showcase your logo for brand recognition and consistency. ODI specializes in building websites integrated with FileMaker Pro solutions.

Print Design

ODI Creative can illustrate your organization’s brand and identity in all types of marketing collateral, print advertising, trade show materials and company products. Possibilities include catalogs, brochures, letterhead, business cards, and envelopes.

Call-to-Action Buttons & Graphics for Internet Marketing

Graphics not only represent your organization, a call-to-action button or graphic can encourage people to buy from you or join your cause. ODI creates call-to-action graphics that engage your audience online, in social media or in email marketing.





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