joey grimaldi

joey grimaldi

head ninja

It’s no surprise ODI Technology Founder Joey Grimaldi is always focused on his clients’ bottom line. In addition to being a business owner – and the son of business owners – Joey helped companies prosper while working for five years as business banker.

Joey has been programming since age 12. Plus, he’s been developing efficient FileMaker solutions since its inception, when he was still in college. With bachelor’s degrees in both fine art and computer science, you get a profits-driven entrepreneur who wants to resolve business problems beautifully.

He says math is an underlying element in all his endeavors. A drummer and a bassist, Joey asserts that music is mathematical and that many programmers are also musicians. (We are not sure his karaoke infatuation is about math.) Joey once worked as a commercial photographer, but prefers to shoot abstract fine art photos – where he can apply the golden ratio.

What hasn’t he done? Compete with his latte art. It sounds like a Portlandia episode, yet Joey is practicing daily for this actual event.

matt navarre

matt navarre

relationship councilor

Matt is a regular speaker at DevCon, hosts the FileMaker Talk podcast with Matt Petrowsky, Is certified in FM 7-12, teaches FileMaker training classes, and runs the wildly successful Portland FileMaker developer group. This community leadership connects hundreds of local developers, and the experience and love of FileMaker provides solutions large and small.

merritt massuch

merritt massuch

lead developer

Merritt Massuch, ODI’s lead developer, is always building something. Weekdays, she’s a database architect and PHP developer. On weekends, she makes and sells hand-made crafts (a coder and people person go figure). Thankfully, her work creations are virtual, so Merritt’s crafting won’t land her on the Hoarders reality show.

We are also quite thankful that Merritt is such a good communicator. While she studied computer science and physics at the University of Michigan, Merritt makes it easy to understand the technology she uses to solve problems. Customers appreciate that and so does the ODI team.

Merritt thrives on learning about new industries from our diverse clients. She also loves working with great designers to bring the client’s vision to life. Merritt is dedicated and politely honest – traits that definitely benefit company leaders.

paul wright

paul wright

creative director

Our Creative Director Paul Wright calls himself an “old school designer” because he learned design principles at the Art Institute of Seattle when they were still using stone and chisels. Okay, not that long ago, yet before design was computer assisted. He says that founded his lucid, detailed design work. While Paul obsesses about delivering projects on time, he expects work to be fun – and the rest of us to have fun with him.

Speaking of obsessions, Paul quit adding PEZ dispensers to his 500+ collection when he realized his two girls may see them as junk rather than heirlooms. He still believes you’re not famous until you’re characterized on a PEZ dispenser. His favorite is Charlie Brown. Paul’s a huge Charles M. Schultz fan.

Bragging rights for Paul: He won a national contest to design an Alaska Airlines 737 for the Portland Timbers, a new Major League Soccer franchise.

Additionally, he lives in a female-dominate household (wife, two daughters and even the golden retriever) – the male cat prefers to live outside.

larque goodson

larque goodson


People entrust Larque Goodson with their stories. That’s probably because she is genuinely interested in what they have to say, whether they’re strangers at the store or lifelong friends. She is a wordsmith on a mission to build effective messaging strategies that intrigue and build business.

Larque’s passion for communications is innate. Her family jokes that was born talking. She never shies away from public speaking, singing aloud or blogging about her life. Larque is a natural leader and honest to a fault. She asks clients the difficult questions to pinpoint target markets and goals.

Professionally, Larque has a bachelor’s degree in journalism. She worked as a TV and newspaper reporter and photographer for a decade before embarking in sales and marketing. Certified in Advanced Search Engine Marketing, she helps people find you by optimizing your website, blogs, social media, articles and press releases. To rejuvenate, Larque enjoys yoga, hiking and reading countless books to her daughter.

paul j van voorhis

paul j. van voorhis

chief factotum

Paul is a jack-of-all-trades, and wears a couple of hats at ODI: technical support flunky, web developer, project manager, and jr. filemaker developer.

Paul graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in language and literature. While studying the classics he taught himself HTML, web design, and enhanced his existing passion for technology. A couple of years in San Francisco’s boom followed by six years at local Tech leader Intel gave him a passion for IT, web development, and project management. Living in the Pacific NW gave him passions for good coffee elegant pinot noir, hiking/skiing, and micro-brewed beer.

He has a diverse background that includes training, communications, web development and graphic design. He is equally at home explaining technical concepts to non-technical people, and, non-technical concepts to technical people.

When he isn’t at work, he can frequently be found in Bend, OR where he wishes ODI had an office..

andy harmsen

andy harmsen

level 1 support

Andy Harmsen does Level I Tech Support for ODI. He holds a B.S. in Biochemistry from Portland State University and has experience with web design and programming. Always excited to develop new skills, Andy is also very much a people person, tutoring high school students in AP Chemistry and other science topics aside from gaining experience with database and web development.

Outside of work, Andy has a passion for music. He spends time off playing drums in his band, bed., who regularly tour up and down the West Coast. Each Summer, he also organizes CouvFest NW, a local music festival held at Esther Short Park in Vancouver.